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Monday, December 11, 2017

[Tri] Chapter 6 PV1 (Updated with translated story synopsis )

The first pv for chapter 6: Bokura no mirai is released. The last chapter for the Tri movie series will be in Japanese theatre May 5th.

Chapter 6: Bokura no Mirai / Our Future


The world begins to collapse.
The rampage Meicoomon, darkness evolved and aborted with Tailmon, becomes Ordinemon who holds with great power.


As Yggdrasil expected,  the Real World is about to be swallowed by the Digital World.
While the despair is approaching , The Chosen Children are fighting to move forward.
Without Taichi now, only Yamato can take over.

"To save this world, we must do this!"


Gabumon lends his strength to Yamato, Agumon believes, Taichi will come back.


Homeostasis on the other hand, in order to dispose Ordinesmon who it can no longer handle its power, implements its final plans that involves with The Real World.
To stop the destruction, The Children and their partner Digimon continue to fight desperately.

"All the lights are within Meicoomon..."


Tailmon's voice reaches to Hikari who's in despair.
The time has come for the Children to make their final decision.
The Chosen Children, what will their chosen future to be...?

今、再び 冒険が進化する―

Right now, the adventure evolves once again...

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