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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Digimon Tri Music Cafe Final Party in Ani-ON Station full visual (Updated menu items)

Visual revealed.

They have expanded to multiple locations with different start date for the cafe.

■AKIHABARA本店 /Akihabara Location
■名古屋ビーカム栄店 / Nagoya Become Sakae Location
■なんばパークス店 / Osaka Namba Parks location
■札幌エスタ店 / Sapporo Esta location
■博多バスターミナル店 / Hakata Bus Terminal location

Similar to the previous Ani-on cafe in September,  reservation is require for the cafe event, and the dining time limit is 90 minutes with one drink order.  There's a fee upon entry, price varied between Cafe Time or Party Time.

The time frames for Cafe time are 11:30am - 5pm on weekdays, entry fee is 300 yen with Bromide Holder (as shown in pic).

The time frames for Party time are 5:30pm - 9pm on weekdays, and 11:30 am- 9pm on weekends.
Entry fee is 500 yen, with special program, Bromide holder (as shown in pic) and a welcome drink for cheers/kanpai.

A random Clear Bromide will be given out upon every 1000 yen purchases on cafe goods after food.

Special program for Party time: 
- Cheers/kanpai with Taichi and Agumon
- Chatting
- Introduce everyone's messages
- Remember the scenes with the The Chosen Children and Digimon
  - Digimon Quiz
  - Introduce Digimon Adventure Tri's ending songs
  - Digimon evolution scenes (advance premier)

Program that may be varied on different days:
- Introduction of Chapter 6 
- Closing speech

Time schedule(in order): 15 minutes before the show: receptionist, enter the floor / kanpai/cheer with Taichi and Agumon / Chatting time/ Special program/ Chapter 6 PV /  Closing speech by Taichi and Agumon

There will be digimon music playing in the background throughout the events.

similar to the two previous Digimon cafe, there will be first and second part of menu.
First part of the menu dates as follow:

Special drinks 

Every drink you order comes with the coaster (as display in the picture) 
The front is Digivice, the back is the chosen children and partner digimon.

Taichi and Agumon's Mango Soda
(Mango jelly/cider/orange/Whipcream/Green Alasan Green Sugar pearls/Mint)
This drink that will be available in both parts of the Menu

Exclusive to First Menu:

Sora & Piyomon's Strawberry Drink
(Strawberry Syrup/Grape Drink/Whipcream/Strawberry ice cream/bean jam filled wafer)

Takeru & Patamon's Lemonade
(Lemonnade/Soda/Gold Alasan Gold Sugar Pearls/Whipcream/bean jam filled wafer)

Mimi & Palmon's Green Apple Soda
(Green apple-aid/Soda/Mint/ Whipcream/Sugar Pearls/Edible flower)

Jou & Gomamon's Grapefruit & berry
(Pink grapefruit syrup/Strawberry syrup/Blue Curaçao syrup/Water/Strawberry ice cream/Whipcream/Blueberry cheese cake ice cream)

Exclusive to Second half of menu Menu:

  Yamato & Gabumon's Ramune Soda
(Blue pine jelly/Cider/Ramune Ice Cream/Snack Food)

Koushiro & Tentomon's violet Soda
(Violet syrup/Soda/Mint/Berry Ice Cream/Edible ice)

Hikari & Tailmon's pink grapefruit
(Pink grapefruit syrup/Water/Whipcream/Pear sherbet/White chocolate)

Meiko & Meicoomon's Orange Tea
(Mango Jelly/Cider/Orange/Whipcream/Green sugar pearls/Mint)

Food Menu

The following food menus will be available through out the whole event.

Digital World:
(Curry in water color /Basil Rice/Lettuce/Baby leaf/bean jam filled wafer)

(Carbonara/Butterfly shape ham/bean jam filled wafer)

The Chosen Children:
(Mandarin sherbet/Ramune ice cream/Chocolate sauce/Star shape chocolate/Cherry/Strawberry chocolate snack/Whipcream/Cornflake/Blue pine jelly/Blueberry sauce/Raspberry sauce)

The second half of the menu and goods are currently TBA.

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