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Friday, April 13, 2018

Chapter 6 ending theme CD Cover, Digimon Shop at Limit Base announce and a LOTS OF UPDATES cannot fit all in this title

LOTS OF NEWS UPDATE. We are very overwhelm atm.
Prepare your wallet if you have any plans to purchase these items 

Digimon Tri Shop Part 5 in Ikebukurou P'Parco's Limit Base is announced to run from April 27th - May 30th.

Spend over 2000 Yen you will get one of the Chosen Children post card by random. When you bring your movie ticket to the shop on May 5th at 11am, you will recieve this special april fool Chapter 6 post card.

Goods List:
(for higher quality images, visit their website)
  •  Holy Bracelet (Limited Base limited)
  •  Earing of Angelmon's Cane (Limited Base limited)
  • Can badges (Random pack)
  • Acrylic stands  (Limited Base limited)
  • Bean bag plushies  (Limited Base limited)
  • Mazesara/Small plate with diameter that's smaller than 5cm (Limited Base limited)
  • Temperature Mug with Evolution art (Limited Base limited)
  • Tooth Brush set (Limited Base limited)
  • CD memo pad (Limited Base limited)
  • Note book (Limited Base limited)
  • Clear file set (Limited Base limited)
  • Flat mini pouch (Limited Base limited)
  • Crest metal keychains  (Limited Base limited/Re-release)
  • Digivice Case Keychain (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  • Digimon Metals (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  • Binder Holder Set (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  • Two way totebag (Limited Base/Theater limited)

CD cover for the upcoming ending theme for Chapter 6: Butterfly ~ Tri version~ by The Chosen Chidlren, Ayumi Miyazaki, AIM with Wada kouji is released.
Any CD purchase from Animate will receive L size postcard of the main visual for Chapter 6.

Simliar to the previous five chapters, limited distribution of the Movie Theater version of the Bluray and DVD will release on site during the day of the movie premier(May 5th). The BD cover is reveal as below:

As Ani-On Anime cafe station's reservation is opened on their site (Only for the first half of the cafe collab dates)
List of their goods are released. (Special goods are still TBA)

Mug badges/Coaster (77mm, random pack)

Acrylic stands

A5 Clear File Set (Set A, 1,400 Yen each)

A5 Clear File Set (Set B, 1,400 Yen each)

Butterfly Mug (For Sale on May 5th)

Chanmery Set (With butterfly Bottle Marker with special made clear bromide)

Digimon Kitchen Car Drink menu and goods announced:

They opened celebration campain: 
Campaign 1: if you purchase more than 2000 yen wroth of drinks, they will be giving out post cards of Chapter 1-3, Taichi and Agumon opening scene from April 26th, and the rest of the 4 sets will be given out on May 9th until they run out.
Campaign 2: When show them your movie ticket, a random out of 9 types of coasters will be given out to you.

The kitchen bar will be in a car, they will be serving drinks only. The drinks are theme base on each chapters.
Chapter 1 "Reunion": White Water
(Water + Blue jelly, Chestnut, whipcream and monaka/Wafer with bean jam )

Chapter 2 "Determination": Matcha Au Lait
(Matcha Au Lait, Whip cream, White Kompeito, berry rose )

Chapter 3 "Confession": Yellow Drink
(Energy drink , Whip cream, Monaka, popping candy)

Chapter 4 "Loss": Strawberry Mojito
(Carbonated water, strawberry puree, mojito syrup, mint, whip cream Monaka)

Chapter 5 "Symbiosis": Pink lemonade 
(Pink lemonade, a slice of lemon, orange ice cream, monaka)

Chapter 6 "Our Future": Peach Soda
(Peach juice, carbonated water, coconut gel, blue syrup,whip cream, monaka)

Animate kitchen special Goods

 Digimon fashion acrylic keychains, 600 yen each (Random pack)
 Digimon fashion button set, 300 Yen each (Random pack)
 A4 Clear file set,  700 yen 

Icing cookies, 500 yen each
Water Bottle, 1,800 yen
Mobile battery, 3700 yen

B1 tapestry , 8,000 yen

Now on to Theater original goods:
  1. Chapter 6 movie original metallic pocket clear file (Chapter 6)
  2. (Omegamon) Merciful feather charm 
  3. Crest metal pin set
  4. Mini pen (Patamon)
  5. Mini pen (Tailmon)
  6. clear file binder
  7. Movie pamphlet file
  8. Metalic clear file (Chapter 1)
  9. Metalic clear file (Chapter 2)
  10. Metalic clear file (Chapter 3)
  11. Metalic clear file (Chapter 4)
  12. Metalic clear file (Chapter 5)
  13. Pamphlet (Chapter 1)
  14. Pamphlet (Chapter 2)
  15. Pamphlet (Chapter 3)
  16. Pamphlet (Chapter 4)
  17. Pamphlet (Chapter 5)
  18. 3D Post card set (Chapter 3 and 4)
  19. Agumon pin badge
  20. Piyomon pinbage
  21. Agumon glasses case
  22. Two way tote bag (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  23. Canbadges x9 + Taichi and Agumon theater limited. (Random pack)
  24. Digimon metals (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  25. Digivice case keychain for Digimon metals (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  26. Binder set (Limited Base/Theater limited)
  27.  Digimon Tri Chapter 6 premier memorial glass
  28. Crest smart phone holder 
  29. Patamon plushie bag
  30. Digimon chapter 1-6 mosaic art clock
  31. Wood keychain (Chapter 1)
  32. Wood keychain (Chapter 2)
  33. Wood keychain (Chapter 3)
  34. Wood keychain (Chapter 4)
  35. Wood keychain (Chapter 5)
  36. Wood keychain (Chapter 6)
  37. Pen with Couarge crest
  38. Pen with Friendship crest
  39. PVC bus case (Crest ver.)
  40. PVC bus case ( Digimon in digitama ver)
  41. Digimon in digitama Mini Acrylic Stands (Random)
  42. Mug cup
  43. AC Adopter 
  44. Mini badge set
  45. Mini bag
  46. Acrylic De Card vol.1 /(Random pack)
  47. Acrylic De Card vol.2 (Random pack)
  48. Acrylic De Frame vol 1 (Random pack)
  49. Acrylic De Card vol 3 (Random pack)
  50. Evolution towl
  51. Courage bandana
  52. Friendship bandana
  53. Love bandana 
  54. Knowledge bandana
  55. Innocent bandana
  56. Honest bandana
  57. Hope bandana
  58. Light bandana
  59. CD Memo pad (Taichi ver.)
  60. Agumon iphone 7/8 phone case
  61. Gabumon iphone 7/8 phone case
  62. Koushiro's laptop iphone 7/8 phone case
  63. Agumon iphone X phone case
  64. Gabumon iphone X phone case
  65. Koushirou's iphone X phone case
  66. Chapter 6 visual mini towls
  67. Omegamon reflected keychain
  68. Ofanimon Falldown Mode reflected keychain
  69. Digimon tri 0801 big T-Shirt
  70. Taichi theme palka

New Digimon Adventure Tri limited shop announced with Shinjuku Marui Annex
The shop will run from May 2nd - 22nd.
Presale: they will release the items in other shops in the future

  • Acrylic DE Frame Vol.1 (Random Pack/Presale)
  • Acrylic DE Card Vol 2 (Random pack/Presale)
  • Evolution towl (Pre-sale)
  • Bandana (Pre-sale)
  • CD memo pad  (Pre-sale)
  • Iphone 7/8 case  (Pre-sale)
  • Iphone X case (Pre-sale)
  • PVC bus case  (Pre-sale)
  • Mini Acrylic Stands (Random pack / Pre-sale)
  • Mug  (Pre-sale)
  • AC adapter  (Pre-sale)
  • mini canbadge set  (Pre-sale)
  • mini bag  (Pre-sale)
  • The original chosen children Wall sticker 
  • A4 clear file
  • The original chosen children Acrylic Keychain 
  • Key case
  • Mini tote bag
  • The chosen Children wall sticker (Suits ver) 
  • Acrylic stands  (Random pack) (Suits ver) 
  • Mini tapestry (Random pack) (Suits ver) 
  • Canbadge (Suits ver) 
  • Acrylic stands (Suits ver) 
  • Crest smartphone holder (Release on May 5th)

Karaoke no Tetsujin collab is also announced to run from May 1st - August 5th.
The items available are:

  •  Acrylic Keychains (Random packages)
  • Canbadges (Random packages)
  • Canvas Panel (Includes Taichi and Agumon's comment)

On Saturday April 14th,  Agumon will be walking around the city!
Agumon will travel from Shibuya at 10:30am to Shinjuku at11:30 am, onwards to Akiba at 2pm then finally arrive to Odaiba at 3:30pm!
If you are near there, great chance to take pictures with adorable Agumon.

The next Super Evolution spirit figures is in the works, who will it be?

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  1. apparently there will be POP Vinyl vigures for Taichi,Agumon,Yamato,Gabumon!