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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Digimon Thanksgiving fest live update: Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box release and more

Digimon Thanksgiving fest 2018 Live stream "Special Meeting & Newest game info"
Livestream link: Youtube

Today's broadcast line up:
  • Digimon Thanksgiving fest 2018 Delay live stream!
    Ayumi Miyazaki and AIM's LIVE stage included!
  • New Game project "Digimon Survive",Producer Hanyu P will introduce the new game and maybe new footage??
  • Newest Digimon Goods 
  • More guest at the Thanksgiving fest? The guets who know about the upcoming Digimon 20th anniversary project.

The first trailer for Digimon Survive is released during the live stream.

Link will update after bandai release on their official youtube.
Digimon Survive, as revealed in this month's Vjump. Features main character Takuma who's lost in his extracurricular class camping into the unknown Digital world. A lonely and a familiar place. He meets Agumon and must survive the dangerous Digital World with his friends.
Title: Digimon Survive 
Platform: PS4 / Nintendo Switch
Genre: Survival Simulation RPG
Price: TBA
Release date: 2019
Player: Single


Holyangelwomon Precious G.E.M will open preorder soon, its base glows!

Patamon/Holyangemon Super Evolution spirit figure opens preorder on August 1st.

They have announced Piyomon and as well as upcoming figure of Impmon's blue prints, and the mention of Dukemon.

Another Tri Memorial Book will be available at Gakken Plus the end of August

As announced during the event, a new digimon theme puzzle cafe will start in September 21st in Nazotomo. The puzzle cafe theme is title: Digimon Adventure: Challenge from the Dark Master: ~Pinocchimon The locked home!~
The cafe theme will available all over their locations in Japan. More details TBA.

Happinet has opened their Digimon Frontier page for its upcoming Blu-ray Box release, and their Twitter page.

The Blu-ray Box will release on April 2nd, 2019, 53800 Yen + tax, and total 8 dics.
First press release will be similar to Tamers, it comes with a brand new special Drama CD with Anime
Regular release includes:
  • Three way box art with new illustration
  •  Brand new illustrated Digi Stack case 
  • Special booklet.
    (2 booklets that were released in the DVD- BOX back in 2007 : "Digimon Chronicle Box 03: Digimon frontier": "Memories of Digimon Frontier" "Digimon Frontier Trailfan")
  • Picture label
  • Cleanness OP/ED
There will be original offer if you pre-order from the following onlie store:
  • Amazon: Special illustrated mini shikishi, and Acrylic keychains X6
  • Toei online shop: cloth poster of the three way box art illustration
  • Yodobashi Camera: B2 cloth poster & Tote Bag

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